Kohner Gregory

Kohner Gregory

Name: Kohner Gregory

Rider bio 

I’m Kohner Gregory I’m 14 years old and I ride a Yz125. I live in Bakersfield California my favorite track is Dt1 Mx park. I am sponsored by Stan Benson racing, Flow vision, Tru Fusion and Matrix Concepts and I’m ready to race and hopefully win most of my races and support Stan Benson Racing whi

Date of birth: 01-05-2020
Hometown: Bakersfield California

// Facebook:
// Instagram: Kohner100

Classes Raced: 85cc B, supermini 100cc B.

Years riding: 8
Years racing: 1
Sponsors: Stan Benson Racing, Flow Vision, Tru Fusion, Matrix concepts

What is it about dirt bikes that you love?

What I love about dirt bikes is that I can twist my throttle and being able to just absolutely send it off of a jump or I can hold my bike wide open through a corner and it makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something big.

What does it mean to not give up?

What it means to not give up is if you fall get back up, if you don’t win a moto then give it your all on your next moto, if you feel your not fast enough train to become better and never look back keep your head up and keep looking forward.

Favorite track:  Dt1 Mx park