Our Roots

Our Roots

Stan grew up an avid racing fan. him and his family would attend the NASCAR race's in Las Vegas and Fontana yearly. if he wasn't at the race in person, he was watching it on TV. frequently attending the Bakersfield Speedway as well on Saturday nights. it was on one of these particular Saturday night's in the winter of 2005 that Stan Benson Racing was born.

At the age of 44 years old, Stan was done. he was sick and tired of sitting in the stands talking about what he would do if he were on the track. he took action, and decided to put himself there. Stan had a car built and for the first time ever in his life, was going to go from Fan, to Driver. he knew it was an uphill battle. he would be racing against the best, up and coming kids who have been driving since the ages of 4 or 5, local heroes who have been behind the wheel for 20+ years with a garage full of trophies. 

Stan was a kid again, with a list of emotions he would experience every time he rolled on the track. was he scared? of coarse, there is nothing on this planet that prepares you for the experience of taking a precision built machine, and pushing it, as well as yourself to the breaking point. was he intimidated? absolutely, and rightfully so. you are on the track with 21 other drivers who have more experience, and maybe even talent, but you have something to prove. maybe not to anyone else, but to yourself. you want to prove that you belong, that you deserve to be out there, and that you are capable of achieving greatness. 

Stan experienced highs, and he experienced lows, but more importantly, he had a blast. he soaked up every moment, every situation, and he proved to himself, and everyone else that he belonged out there. he was a driver, a wheel man, and earned the nickname "The Rocketman" from the late Mike Moser. 

 Stan was proof that hunger and drive is all you need to be successful. if your desire for success, out ways your fear of failure, you will prevail. talent is a result of relentless work ethic, not a trait. he showed us no goal is out of reach, no obstacle is too large to overcome, and that its never too late to chase your dreams.