Race Fuels

Renegade is like you, never forgetting about the one car garage where we started to being a national and global player of racings best kept secret. We don’t just say we Make Power, we do!  We don’t just sell racing fuel and lubricants, we engineer them and we are racers ourselves.  Renegade is your guide and partner to reliable results where our fuel burns cooler, cleaner and more consistent than the competition.  Renegade offers “REAL OCTANE” advertised safely for your protection of engine detonation and not overhyped marketing Octane bull crap.  Our lubricants has the highest amount of “balanced” ZDDP in the land, and our car care items have NASA Space Hall Of Fame technology in them.  We earn your business, we will NEVER force you to do business with us. The Power of Renegade- 50 states wide and in 11 International countries, yes that is right, We Make Racing “Great” Again!

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