Cometic Top End Gasket Set

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      The Cometic Top End Gasket Kit comes with everything you need to properly complete a total top end rebuild of your engine. Cometic manufactures their gaskets to exceed OEM quality from chemical resistant, non-asbestos, flexible aramid fiber that is laminated on top of a stainless steel core. This makes for thick, exceedingly robust gaskets that won’t fold or tear during installation, giving your top end the tight seals it needs to keep running strong no matter the speed.

  • Complete top end gasket kits with head and base gaskets
  • Laminated aramid fiber construction
  • Gasket material is laminated on top of stainless steel cores
  • Aramid fiber contains no asbestos
  • Gaskets are flexible and won’t tear
  • Aramid fiber resists chemicals including fuel, coolant, and oils