FlowVision® Rythem/Section™ Motocross Lens: Dual-Pane, Anti Fog Pro-Clear Yellow

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With a passion that runs deep for motocross and off-road riding, our Rythem/Section™ goggles bring a new level of superior fitment along with an economically priced product. Try them for yourself and you will see the clarity of Flow Vision™.

  • Dual Pane lens designed to separate the warm air around your face from the cold air outside, ideal for cold temperature or high moisture race conditions
  • The Dual Panes creates an insulating air pocket that inhibits heat transfer, which reduces the chance of fogging
  • Anti-fog,  Pre-curved, and Injection Molded lens for clarity of vision
  • Fits all FlowVision Rythem/Section™ Goggles
  • Lens includes tear-off posts.