Pirelli Mousse

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Mousses are rubber foam equipments which – beside preventing flat tyres during tough off-road sections – feature dynamic properties capab le to provide enhanced grip, agility, as well as extra lateral grip; PIRELLI develops these equipments for outstanding longevity.

Once fitted, PIRELLI mousses simulate an equivalent inflation pressure to 0.7bar +/-0.1, far below the pressure advised for on-road use.
Particular attention must be then paid to suspension settings when racing with mousses.
PIRELLI mousse are marked NHS, which means they must not be used on public roads.

When fitting a mousse, the mounting lubricant gel must be spread completely inside the tyre, avoiding the beads.
PIRELLI mousse are available in 18”, 19” and 21”, fitments, and must be fitted using PIRELLI mousse gel.